Variety of Italian Food – Italian was well-known in pasta, impact it’s there trademark. According to experts, they think that pasta was the origin in Italy a long time ago. It was believed to have come which flour and water but now Italy has perfected pasta in different forms. You will find Italian pasta dishes such as ravioli. Italian food includes pasta that’s made from potatoes.

Pasta dishes, such as gnocchi, are served in some kind of sauce. The most common sauce is made of a tomato base and is known as marinara and contains onions, garlic, and herbs such as basil and oregano. Lots of the traditional Italian sauce and pasta dishes will have meats or vegetables which have been sautéed in olive oil and cheese.

For using seafood in many of their cuisines is well-known such as Calamari. Don’t forget that Tiramisu It’s a popular appetizer. The fish dishes found in cuisine reflect the seasonality of the food and are straightforward. It’s usually cooked in the parsley, olive oil, and lemon juice which will offer variations but maintaining the integrity of the flavors. There are many different desserts. Tiramisu is among the desserts that are more popular. It’s a mix of cake that’s flavored with espresso and marsala-wine. It is layered with a custard that was thick and coated in cocoa powder. Another dessert is gelato.