YouTube has undoubtedly emerged as the next important social media platform to use for business promotions and advertisements. When commercial videos are uploaded as YouTube channel content, they have greater chances of reaching consumers who can be converted into actual sales.

Moreover, an advertising video can be made more entertaining and engaging since a YouTube content can run for as long as 15 minutes tops. They can even be viewed over and over by a YouTube user, if he or she wishes.

However, using the YouTube platform as a medium for business commercials requires additional elements in order to achieve the desired results. As indicated by the most recent statistics from Statista, there are about 1.9 billion users worldwide, all actively exploring channels on a monthly basis. In order to reach viewers being targeted as potential consumers, videos for promoting a business must be optimized.

This can be done by adding elements that will make it highly visible once viewers comprising the target audience launch a search query.

Why is Optimization Important?

Optimization is very important, especially in a platform where every minute that passes, as many as 500 hours of video content are being uploaded.

Keep in mind that all online content must be reachable and readable to search engine bots, because they are the ones that index and rank content, supplied as answer to a search query. That being the case, a YouTube video not optimized for the search processes, will only get buried under the minute-by-minute substantial increases occurring in the YouTube platform.

Optimizing YouTube Videos to Make Them Reachable and Readable for Search Engine Crawlers

Optimization always starts with keywords. The important questions are on how and where to use keywords to make a video content more visible to YouTube’s search engine bots. Here are some pointers for you to consider when:

Optimizing for Reachability

Optimize keywords by adding a video transcript to your content. Adding a transcript not only enhances viewing experience as it transcribes audio into text form, it also provides additional placements for the keyword.

Help the search engine bot find the keyword used by the video by making sure they appear as tag, as part of the title which becomes the URL, and of the meta description that will appear as snippet on the search page results.

Thumbnails are also important because they appear as the first image that will say something about the video.

Optimizing for Readability

The YouTube search bots will of course try to speed up the search process by first focusing attention on matching content that have the most number of views, and on channels with high numbers of subscribers.

The rationale behind this is that since many are viewing the video, or following the channel as subscribers, the content is the likeliest source of the most relevant and appropriate answers as far as the search query is concerned.

It is important therefore for a YouTube video commercial to be as meaningful, useful and thoughtful on what target consumers want. In order to find out what exactly their customers want, savvy business owners and their operators also engage with patrons personally and via other social media sites.

That way, instead of limiting advertising materials to made for TV commercial videos, they can also promote their business by showing videos of what makes their establishment and their offers different from competitors.

Now if you are just starting out and still struggling to get noticed during the search process, consider seeking assistance from social media marketers who offer cheap youtube subscribers that can help boost your channel’s visibility across the search space.