Embroidery isn’t only seen on apparels such as shirts, scarves, hats, as well as bags and pouches. Embroidery is now considered an art form whether done by hand or by utilizing embroidery machines. Check out https://embroideryportal.net/.

We thought we have seen it all in terms of textile art, however, Japanese artist ipnot’s miniature embroidery of food designs present the idea that there’s no boundary to innovation and modernization using a needle and thread. Ipnot was pulled to embroidery given that he grew up in an artistic household, on top of observing her grandmother at a young age. While going through the traditional handicraft herself, the artist learned the French knot, identifying it as her “favorite type of stitch.” If you have an appreciation for artworks that are inspired by culinary or cuisine, then these minute embroidered delights will absolutely entice your artistic taste buds.

“I discovered myself that the French knot stitch can be done by wrapping thread around the needle,” says ipnot to Designboom. “I find this type of stitching to be a lot of fun to do and it is my favorite type of stitch. I have chosen the French knot stitch to represent my style, choosing a thread of my own preference from 500 different-colored embroidery options. As in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time.”

Ipnot associates her craft to the pointillist painting which is a form of art. “I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time,” she expounded.

From a miniature bowl of ramen, with noodles out of thread, to a simmering cup of matcha tea, ipnot selects from an array of colors of embroidery thread to craft miniature representations of food and beverage that are life-like. Even whilst they’re still on the embroidery hoop, ipnot’s handiworks appear to spring out from the flat textile. As soon as it is removed, every three-D section is brought to life, as she takes snapshots of her miniature gastronomic craftsmanship and subsequent to an appetizing counterpart, showing off their remarkable similarity.

[VIDEO] Incredible Artist Creates Intricate Embroidery Art