Malchi runs an underground social media restaurant, and he is marketing through Instagram. Malachi grew up obsessed with cooking and would post his food on Instagram. After he graduated in culinary arts, the magic just happened.

Malachi grew up with a love for food. He was showcasing his chef skills on Instagram, promoting parties, and cooking up a storm. A lot of people used to ask him when he is going to offer his food. And he and his buddy just went crazy and sold the food that he makes because there is free marketing. So they go ahead and post what food they’re making that day, then people just call in to come and pick it up.

Right now, Malachi has presently 13.7k followers on Instagram, an amazing number of people who are avid fans of his cooking.

How Instagram helped Malachi

Instagram is indisputably among the essential social avenues today, and any online marketer not utilizing it is losing out on one thing huge. Whether or not you take care of the social networking of a huge company, a small company, or you are utilizing it to advertise your very own company, integrating Instagram within your campaign strategy is essential!

Not necessarily certain why Instagram advertising is essential for your company? Just like Trap Kitchen who made use of Instagram to market their food business, you can too. In the case of Trap Kitchen, they took advantage of two things on Instagram:

1. It’s free advertising. You don’t have to spend a dime to make use of Instagram. Much like Trap Kitchen, they posted what they are cooking for the day and the community are into placing their orders. No need to deliver because they just pick it up at the Trap Kitchen home.

2. Instagram tells your story. Businesses who tell their story in Instagram is just enough to spark a community of followers. Regular updates and posts of what is going on is going to make things right.

Are you looking forward to building a business? Regardless of the business type, you can always utilize Instagram for your every marketing strategy.