Ahh, Christmas! Can you feel it in the air? After watching Holiday Decorating of NJ, you will surely feel hungry and crave for food. I watched the video that Hungry Panda uploaded to YouTube. I would like to document videos like this so here it is. You know Christmas is about giving, gifts, colors, and lots of food. All these to make the holiday season fun filled and something kids will remember and pass on too their children too!

Hungry Panda, 5-Minute Craft, and So Yummy  bring to us in their video amazing food craft that can be easily done. Great for decorating the table on the eve of Christmas and Christmas day itself. Have a festive fun filled Christmas

1. Quick and Easy Recipes for Cookies and Desserts – by Hungry Panda

You will not resist these recipes this Christmas. This video has 11 easy to prepare cookie and dessert recipes that are absolutely great for holiday Christmas eve decorations. I like everything in this video. All the snowman shaped goodies are truly mouthwatering.

2. Christmas Treats You Can Try At Home by 5-minute crafts

This video presents 18 Christmas treats and its recipes. You can try them out at home. I especially like Christmas tree and star cookies. The snowman from marshmallows too looks so simple and easy to make. So go ahead and try one of these easy food crafts for a more delightful treat.

3. From So Yummy – Christmas DIY treats

You’ll love the combination of colors in these DIY cookies. I especially liked the cookie gifts wrapped in ribbons. I can’t wait to try them out myself and give away to children on the day of Christmas.

4. Hmm, Yummy Food Ideas to Serve on the Christmas Table, still from So Yummy

Here are four recipes you will want to serve on the eve of Christmas. Also perfect for the morning of Christmas. I especially like the bacon wrapped in asparagus with puff pastry. I tried it myself and it’s so easy to do.

Have fun with all these videos. All of the recipes are mouthwatering. It will surely be a great treat this Christmas. Have a merry Christmas!