Nutrition is the science and practice of fulfilling your body’s nutrient requirements, the procedure for supplying it with the nutrition necessary to construct its own tissues and capabilities, and fuel its own regeneration and development. Most of us have bodies so most of us need physical nourishment.

Just how can something so evasive as spirituality have something related to what we place onto our plates? We are not talking about mindful and instinctive eating here. Though food appears to be mundane from our everyday repeats of eating snacks and meals, it becomes our bodies. So we have to be conscious of our body because it is God’s living temple said Pastor Oyakhilome.

Quite simply, there isn’t any break in the series of events where our bodies change everything we consume from the “external” world to our “inside” universe of cells and cells.

Food and Transformation of the Spirit

Not merely is food-constantly-transforming-into-our-bodies a constant process, but it also is influenced by variables like QUALITY and amount of nourishment available to people. If food is poor in nutrients such as fast food or highly processed foods, or when we cannot digest it  \because of reduced stomach acid or chronic stress, the outcome will be inferior excellent cells in our bodies. And bad excellent cells that exhaustion and break down readily don’t easily support a sustained religious journey.

Nowhere is there a line between nourishment and our religious aspirations or encounters. Both are one. Spirituality appears through the entire body, as a consequence of its normal connectedness with the world, which it succeeds to understand intimately. This reaching from soul is itself a growth of the human body’s inherent intelligence that drives every part of its own homeostasis–that the”coming-back-home” balancing function it does each moment of each day to keep us living.

Some Customs

As yet another example, imagine being in a retreat and stressful, but failing miserably, to concentrate to a Dharma talk or sit during a meditation practice following a meal which didn’t really agree with you, as the only real foods have started to ferment on your gut, causing you to get gas, bloating, upper GI pressure, gurgling, and an impulse to belch.

The mind arises throughout the entire body, as does our awareness of self-love, and what else we could perceive about our planet. Awareness isn’t simply dis-embodied soul. It’s also a composed of the tiniest particles which combine in the excellent puzzle of our entirely linked being–and in the fundamental. Level, this implies digesting your food suitably.