Are you wondering how others are able to take delectable and gastronomic food photos and then upload it on their Instagram account? These photos they upload are what helped them in gaining more and more followers. Not to mention, they’re using services from to improve their engagement too.

But we can’t take the fact as well that when it comes to taking photos, pros have their own way of doing it. If you wish to take your food photography to a whole new height, then the next tips can just help you out.

Put Emphasis on the Food

This one may seem to be so basic but there are actually more fuzzy pictures on Instagram than there should be.

When taking photos, stabilize the phone in order to prevent shaking and focus near the center of your dish or the most exciting and appealing detail of it.

You can take the interior of a sliced cake as an example. This has so many details packed into one which can be so mouthwatering for those who would see it.

Compose Your Photo

While horizontal and vertical photos are now supported in Instagram, still the most preferred medium is square. So, consider implementing the rule of thirds and seize the time to frame the subject. Think of yourself as a food stylist. Take a scoop out of the lasagna or cobbler, wait for the perfect moment on the ice cream to drip and the likes.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting lets nuances in the photo to which regular phone flash doesn’t. In the event that you are shooting your baking achievement, bring it close to the window that has the most sunlight. If the light is quite harsh, then consider hanging curtains to filter the light.

At the same time, you can also illuminate shadowed portion of the dish using white poster board. In order to do this, ask someone who can hold the board so by that, the dish is between it and your window. This way, it’s going to reflect more light to the dish and be able to take that perfect shot that is truly, Instagram worthy.