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Whether you’re eating Mexican, Indian, or Cajun meals, or simply enjoying some zesty Buffalo wings during the massive game, spicy food may be a popular treat for plenty of people. But it’s no fun when these spicy foods cause a number of us to run to the lavatory with diarrhea some hours later. But why does that happen? This text will discuss why you sometimes get diarrhea after eating spicy food and what you’ll do to forestall it.

How Spicy Foods Cause Diarrhea
Sometimes people think that this unpleasant experience may mean something is wrong with their digestive tube. However, the body’s reaction to spicy foods is totally normal. It’s just an indication that your body is difficult at work protecting you from possible harm. Foods prepared with hot spices like cayenne or chili peppers contain a robust ingredient called capsaicin. Once you eat hot peppers or salsa, capsaicin is what causes the burning.

Capsaicin and also the Stomach
Capsaicin can irritate the stomach lining or intestines. Some people could also be able to handle it. But if you’ve got a more sensitive gut, it often causes diarrhea.

Digestion may be a highly organized process that begins from the primary bite until we attend the lavatory to own a movement. Each part has a vital job to try to do. The brain tries to know what is going on and begins to release the body’s own pain blockers called endorphins. this can be why you’re feeling happy while eating spicy food. it is also why the more spicy wings you eat, the more you would like. To protect your body from what it senses as harm, the little intestine quickly pushes the capsaicin through the gut. When food reaches the colon, digestion usually slows down, and also the colon absorbs water. But capsaicin activates the identical receptors there, too. As a defense, the colon speeds the full process up, and it makes us run to the restroom with diarrhea. As a parting gift, people sometimes want their anus to be ablaze. That’s because there are more of those pain receptors within the anus.

Capsaicin in spicy food irritates pain receptors within the canal. to shield itself, the gut accelerates to induce and eliminate the capsaicin quickly. This results in diarrhea.

When You Should See a Doctor
Diarrhea triggered by hot or spicy food usually clears up during a day or two. In most cases, making it easy on your gut and eating non-spicy foods for some days will get you thru the worst. In other words, you almost certainly won’t have to see a doctor. It is important to also stay well hydrated (drink lots of water) and avoid caffeinated beverages which will make diarrhea worse. However, if your symptoms do not get better in an exceedingly day or two, or they worsen and/or cause signs of dehydration, go see a doctor.

If you frequently have diarrhea once you eat hot or spicy foods, learn to acknowledge and avoid your trigger foods. But if you continue to want to enjoy them, here are some tricks to try:

Eat the spicy food with some dairy. It helps to clean away the spicy sensation.
Eat a tiny low amount of something sweet with the spicy food. This lessens or neutralizes the spiciness.

Some people’s guts are sensitive to spicy foods. Eating an excessive amount of spicy food can cause them to experience diarrhea. If this describes you, there’s nothing wrong together with your gastrointestinal system.