The burger, shake, and fries—“enduring icons of American cuisine”— are used to symbolize abundance, accessibility, and dominance while ignoring the dark side of those values.

No one is definitely denying that this is purely American food though. However, it is impossible for a lot of people to just not love it for its glorifying and mouth watering taste and after taste.

Oh well, for today´s blog let us talk more about  burgers and fries and why a lot of people love this combo.

1. It’s fun to dress them up.

You can put almost anything you want on your burger, and dip your fries in anything from ketchup and mayonnaise, to honey or a milkshake. Speaking of sweett, you can fry those too. What goes better with a burger and fries than something sweet? Something that is both sweet and fried of course! Sounds like the perfect bad day cure to me.


2. We also love burgers and fried food because there are no hard questions.

With burgers, there are just easy answers. With so many choices you can’t go wrong. There is sure to be something everyone in your family will love to eat, making it the perfect go to on a busy night. Your food will be served quickly, making it perfect for the hungriest of folk. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed up or dressed down, burgers do not discriminate.


3. Burgers and fried foods are the perfect meal to bond over.

Whether you are on a first date, meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or trying to make new friends; it becomes a lot easier around comfort food. The atmosphere in a burger joint is relaxing and the food is ready quickly, making it the perfect icebreaker when you are getting to know someone new or reacquaint with an old friend.

4. Burgers and fried foods just have the best texture.

Your grilled burger bun is soft with a slight char so it never gets soggy, your burger is juicy and warm, the fresh toppings add just the right amount of crispiness, while your condiments just add to the flavor party, and the cheese adds a lovely creaminess. And the fried sides? One word: Crispy.

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