We evenly place videos with the most delicious recipes and best tips for the kitchen. But who are our favorite culinary stars on Italian, Food, Bread, Dinner, Healthy, Meal, CuisineYouTube? Now you can buy views on youtube for free. Yes! for free. Today we share our nine favorites, which should not be missing from your to watch list.

Craving for Something? Here are some channels that you must try.

Everyday Food
Everyday Food, the YouTube channel of Martha Stewart, where various chefs from the test kitchen make recipes, is the number 1 spot. Nice is that every chef has his specialty.

We are a fan of Sarah Carey with easy dishes for every day, but Thomas Joseph also steals our heart again and again with his kitchen conundrums (kitchen puzzles).

Laura in the Kitchen
You may already know Laura Vitale from Laura in the Kitchen channel from the videos we shared in July. Every day she places a recipe with often an Italian touch. Think of pasta, salads, divine desserts and more.

A completely different channel is ChefSteps. Here you will find a combination of tips & tricks, recipes, a piece of food science and kitchen techniques. The great thing is that the team behind ChefSteps is quite young and especially very creative and spontaneous. This way you look at something different every time and at the same time you learn a lot about the wonderful world of cooking.

America’s Test Kitchen
If you want to know how certain techniques work best and why America’s Test Kitchen is the channel for you. As the name suggests, these videos test a wide variety of subjects, from different methods of lightly beating proteins to the best kitchen machines. But also: how to temper chocolate in the microwave and why.

Jules Cooking
Jules Wiringa from Jules Cooking has also appeared on Culy.nl several times. This young chef ran and does an internship at various star restaurants such as Ron Blaauw and La Rive and cooks mainly French classics. His videos are quite a sec, but therefore all the more clear.

Entertaining with Beth
Beth Le Manche lives in sunny California and is married to a Frenchman. In their beautiful house, she makes the most calming and inspiring videos. Her recipes are not that difficult, but especially very tasty and attractive.

Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube
Well, who doesn’t know him now? Jamie Oliver has since conquered the video world with his FoodTube. Here different chefs cook the tastiest dishes, all with their own specialty. So you have the enthusiastic teacher Gennaro who makes Italian classics, Dutchman Bart van Olphen cooks dishes with purely sustainable fish and you dream away with the dishes of Mister Oliver himself.

The River Café
We recently wrote an extensive article about the River Café in London and it is not for nothing. This special restaurant has a rich history and is known for its perfectly executed Mediterranean dishes. Nice is that they also share some of those dishes in video form on YouTube!

Unfortunately, they have not uploaded any new videos for more than a year, but the old ones are still worth watching. You will find here mainly foolproof recipes and useful tips.