Is your dog scavenging for food? While domesticated pets can be protected from scavenging by using escape proof dog crates, untamed animals are not protected and can well eat everything they find in trashes, parks, and other public places. Their exposure to discarded and rotting food can be detrimental to their health. For one, the foods they eat can be the gateway to food poisoning and can eventually lead to their death. There is a solution for this behavior but first, know the reasons why dogs go scavenging.

Dogs are natural foragers

Untamed Dogs are growing in number across the world due to their predatory nature and their omnivorous eating routine. Compared to domesticated pets, an untamed dog live to survive and the discarded food is worth another day of surviving. Note too that dogs do not have as much taste buds to distinguish good and rotten food, therefore the instance of gnawing on rotten foods is high because there taste buds does not have the capability to tell them that the food tastes bad.

Food – The strongest driving force for many animals

Food safety is important. Regardless, is the first and foremost reason that animals forage through the wild. On the other hand, domesticated animals such as dogs are happy to take on whatever their owners give and supplemented with their occasional hunt. But by their nature, dogs are still willing to munch on anything they find on the streets left by negligent humans.

Some Dogs Get Bored

While pet dogs are fed enough and don’t really need to forage for food, some of the dogs forage food not really out of hunger but just to have fun. Dogs who have little stimulation will find a way to entertain themselves. Most often, they find entertainment from scavenging and even “stealing” food. Their strong sense of scent motivates them to explore their surroundings. With their natural instincts and the yummy smell of the food cooking in the oven is something that they can’t really resist. The rewards of finding food and rummaging through the kitchen are something that gives them pleasure. This behavior if not corrected earlier can turn into a bad habit. As the owner, it is then necessary to impose corrective measures. Dogs can easily learn discipline and thus the responsibility of teaching them heavily lies on the owner.


Prevention and solutions that work

Teaching pets as early as possible can prevent them from foraging food. Obedience training is the top approach that pet owners can do to protect their pets and prevent the habit of scavenging. Impose rules. Let them know that no means no. Teach them while they are still pups. Learn about obedience training from the experts in the field of dog training.

As mentioned, owners can prevent their dogs from scavenging with the use of escape proof dog crates. However, this solution is just temporary. The best solution to this is to teach dogs obedience and discipline.