Wedding preparations are among the most stressful moments for the bride to be. That’s why many of them prefer to hire a wedding coordinator. When it comes to hiring a bridal car, a church rental car (kirkenes leiebil) could be a good choice. But with a minimal budget, you would rather enlist family members to help in the preparation, from wedding gowns to flowers and food preparation.

Food preparation for weddings

One of the most important questions for the newlyweds at the wedding dinner is whether it should be a wedding buffet or the à la carte menu.

If you are not sure about the choice between a buffet or a menu, you can also implement a variant of both. Have a starter, soup or salad brought to the table and offer the main course at the buffet.

Or the other way around: Presents starters and salads at the buffet, but the main course is served at the table. If there is no space for a nice buffet, you can also have the side dishes served directly on the table and only the meat will be served.

Here’s a nice idea, when the guests enter the room, the first snacks/finger food is already available on the tables. This is particularly useful when everyone is already hungry and you can have some initial refreshment.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Menus

Wedding buffet suggestion

Starters: honeydew melon with Parma ham, cream cheese balls, plums and dates wrapped in bacon, cold fish platter, rustic farmer’s salad with olives, salad buffet, shrimp cocktail, pickled salmon with potato pancakes, roast beef, poached salm, antipasti, bread basket, dips

Main courses: Pork fillet medallions on cream mushrooms, roast leg of lamb on herb sauce, salmon with herb sauce, seasonal vegetables, bacon-wrapped princess beans, pasta, potato gratin

Desserts: cheese board, fruit salad with vanilla sauce, sweet things, late-night wedding cake

You could go for a mix of these food choices

  • Salad buffet, raw vegetables (e.g. paprika)
  • Brote, Dips
  • possibly soups (e.g. wedding soup)
  • Beef, pork, chicken, and fish (e.g. salmon)
  • Potatoes, rice, and noodles (possibly also in unusual forms such as sweet potato fries)
  • various vegetable side dishes
  • Dessert
  • possibly cheese

Of course, quality over quantity also applies to the wedding celebration. May offer a little less choice and ensure quality. It is important that you like it.

Not all seasonal products always have to be available. After all, these should also be “buffet-compatible”. Example: To prevent fries from becoming sticky, they must not lie too long. The caterer would always have to provide fresh supplies.

Here’s a good tip: It is always more pleasant for the wedding party when all the dishes at the buffet are labeled. This is also much more practical for vegetarians and vegans than having to ask.