People are increasingly turning to organic food these days.

Advantages of organic food

  1. Considerably fewer additives are allowed in organic farming

Up to 300 additives can be used in the manufacture of conventional agricultural products.

  1. Genetic engineering is not used in the manufacture of biological products

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the fact that no genetically modified products are used.

  1. Synthetic chemical pesticides are not used by organic farmers

Manufacturers of organic baby food usually rely on ingredients of organic quality in order to avoid pesticide residues in their products.

  1. The cultivation of organic products is more sustainable and energy consumption is significantly lower

Organic fields can be used longer. Since the plants are allowed to grow naturally there, the nutrients used remain in the soil. Organic cultivation is therefore much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  1. Organic foods contain neither artificial preservatives nor flavor enhancers

Only natural preservatives are used in organic products. The result is a more natural taste of the food that is often perceived.

  1. Animal welfare: products in organic quality for animal welfare

Organic quality is also much better from an animal welfare point of view. Organic farmers attach great importance to the welfare of their animals.

What are the disadvantages of organic food?

  1. Organic products are normally more expensive

Critics of organic food primarily associate it with higher prices. In fact, the prices for organic quality products are higher. The price difference results from the higher manufacturing costs – primarily from the stricter requirements of organic farming.

  1. Organic products usually have shorter shelf life

Another disadvantage is the shorter shelf life. Since artificial preservatives are not used in the production of organic food, they often do not keep as long as comparable products from conventional production to which these substances have been added.

  1. Organic seals are difficult to compare

Organic does not always mean uniform organic quality. There are many different types of organic seals. The specifications can vary greatly from one another, which makes a simple comparison difficult. If you are in The Process of Finding a Rental Property then you may search online while finding out how to compare organic seals.