What do you associate with food? Or let’s put the question differently – why do humans have to bring food to themselves?

Many people associate eating with being full and with good taste. But food has certain tasks for you. Bats can cause real destruction to your house, food, attic and insulation and Madison bat removal can be the solution.

The best for intestinal health

As you may know, gut health describes 80% of your immune system. What does the intestine have to do? On the one hand, it should absorb the nutrients and at the same time protect you from things that should not be in your body. If the intestinal flora or the intestinal wall are disturbed, then the absorption of nutrients is impaired and a cascade of problems begins.

Food supports the immune system

The immune system has many roles in the body. Just because you don’t see inflammation doesn’t mean it’s not there. The immune system works around the clock and trains itself. Your body receives umpteen different nutrients through your food: vitamins, fiber, bacteria, minerals and much more. With a balanced lifestyle, your immune system is perfectly boosted.

Food and your psyche

Everyone knows the feeling of having eaten something and noticing “no, that wasn’t great”. This often affects nutrient-poor, high-calorie “addicts” such as industrial products. The industry never sleeps.

Your tongue originally knows three languages

Oily: Your body associates fat or creamy with offal. “Greasy” or creamy also means energy. After all, one gram of fat contains 9.1 kilocalories. In times of food shortages, this energy determined your survival.

Sweet: This can be seasonal fruit or vegetables, which provide you with various nutrients. Your brain likes sweets. Today it can also be isolated corn syrup, refined sugar or similar.

Salty: Salt is very important. Sources like salt water from the oceans and sodium are important for our electrolytes.

Food and your hormones

Eat when you are hungry. Give your body time for digestion and regulation.

If you should chew a piece of gum all the time – leave it not only that you constantly abuse your chewing muscle and this can then lead to tension – the same applies to candy.