Some foods like vegetables and fruits can be found in a few seasons rather than others. Meals tend to be abundantly available in certain seasons. So men embraced methods to preserve these meals intact for usage. Food preservation approaches are adopted by men since times immemorial. By knowing the significance of food processing methods in life Nowadays technology has been introduced within this division.


Food preservation was defined “as the science that addresses the practice of avoidance of corrosion or spoilage of foods hence letting it be kept in a healthy state for future use”. Additionally, it has been called the condition where any food might be kept within a time period with no (1) being contaminated by pathogenic organisms or substances losing optimal attributes of color, texture, taste, and nutritive value.

The relevance of Food Preservation

Food manufacturing matches of those folks or and distribution does not tally with the requirement. Whereas there is supply, there is excess creation of a food item. Foods are semi-perishable and perishable like tomato vegetables, mangoes, fruits, papaya, and more, which becoming spoilt. It’s thus important to enhance and expand facilities for preservation and storage. Food preservation assists in:

1. Increasing the self-life of meals. Therefore perishable foods may be kept for quite a very long moment.
2. Making the meals available during the entire year.
3. Adding variety.
4. Time by reducing time and vitality to prep, since the food has been partially processed.
5. Stabilizing costs of meals, since there is an extent of a lack of supply.
6. Decreasing wastage of food by preventing spoilage or corrosion of the foods.
7. Improving the population’s nutrition. Foods that are preserved assist individuals to bring a number from the diet, thus decreasing inadequacies.