Most of us have adjusted to the new normal. While businesses are surviving the new normal, online businesses are thriving on the other hand. The Facebook market has become the new market place, and orders just keep on coming on delivery apps like grab and food panda.

Businesses That Thrive Despite Pandemic

Among many businesses that continue to thrive despite COVID 19 is the food industry. And why shouldn’t it? We all need food and people will find every possible way to get it. This is the new reality of the new normal.

For entrepreneur Teresinha Dotto, owner of Paris Buffet, in Guarulhos, the crisis caused by Covid-19 meant that she had to migrate, almost overnight, from analog to digital. “The events sector was the first to suffer and will be the last to resume. I do not expect to return to work before 2021 ”, he says.

By chance, she was in the middle of a digital marketing course at Sebrae-SP when the pandemic arrived in Brazil and took the opportunity to put her ideas into practice: she created a line of fitness lunch boxes and home party kits and started betting on tokens on social media.

Now, in addition to cooking and taking care of the business, which has existed for 25 years, Teresinha creates content for social networks, where he posts recipes, takes virtual tours in the buffet room with an eye on future customers, and announces his meal packages. “I always paid someone to do social media for me, it was an unknown world, but I don’t want to let the company go, I need to be in contact with my client always”, he says.

Online sales today correspond to 10% of the revenue that the company had at the time when the space for 150 people was still open, and in that period Teresinha had to fire its three employees, but close contact with customers is pointing to new paths. The entrepreneur says that she is expanding the lunchbox clientele and that new businesses are emerging – a company, for example, hired her to provide junk food and drink kits for a virtual corporate party.

For many entrepreneurs like Teresinha, it is important to adjust just as quickly as events arise. Sales will thrive with the right apps in the digital world. You don’t have to be scared to face the new reality with a little help from sites like Accountancy coaching online, your business can thrive regardless of the situation that arises.