Mexico is definitely one of the world’s most favored holiday spots bringing in both lovers of food and sun seekers. If you are planning to visit Puerto Vallarta villas in Mexico, grab the chance to try all the best flavors and tastes of the Mexican community. In this post, we feature four must try dishes that will surely tickle your fancy for Mexican dish.


Researches noted that this pre-Hispanic soup had once been used in ritual practices. Today pork, chicken, and vegetarian pozole are plentiful wherever you are in Mexico. It is prepared with hominy corn with a lot of spices and herbs, the recipe is customarily stewed for several hours, usually over night. When all set to serve, onion, lettuce, lime, radish, and chillis are garnished at the top.

Chiles en nogada

Among Mexico’s patriotic dishes is the Chiles en nogada which features all the colors of the Mexican flag. The Poblano chillies and picadillo – a mix of chopped meat, spices, and some fruits – stand for the green of the Mexican flag, the walnut based sauce stand for the white, and the pomegranate seeds stands for the red. As recorded in history, the recipe was served first to Don Agustin de Iturbide (subsequent Emperor of Mexico).


Tamales were said to had been first prepared as nourishing food for the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan tribes who prepare themselves for battle. Corn dough are shaped into pockets, wrapped in cornhusks or banana leaves, and then steamed. The stuffing can differ from fruits, cheese, meats, veggies, mole, and chillies.


The Enchiladas dish had been traced dating back to the Mayan times. This popular dish in Mexico is tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese, veggies, or a mix of everything from meat to veggies, served and covered with chili sauce. The dish is a popular breakfast for the Mexicanos.

Mexico offers an array for healthy and spicy foods.  So when you travel to Mexico you don’t have to worry about eating healthy while having a great time on your trip.