Burger has always been a household favorite. Parents would always hear the kids requesting to cook some delicious and juicy burger patties every weekend. Well, who could resist the scrumptious taste of burgers? Not only the children love it, but also the grown-ups who would crave for burgers late at night.

As time passes by, people find a unique flavor in the usual food that they eat, including burgers. After all, all recipe are dynamic, depending on the latest trend. When it comes to burgers, there are now a number of innovative recipe which we think is worth trying for.

You have come to the right place if you want something new to serve to your family. It would like they have never eaten a burger before!

Try Some Sizzling Grilled Salmon Burger

Burger patty is usually made of ground beef, and on some occasion, ground pork or chicken. However, making burger patties out of seafood is something rare to a regular burger lover’s tastebuds. Nonetheless, there is nothing to stop us from trying anything new as far as burgers are concerned. If you want a low-fat, high-protein burger recipe, try salmon burgers. Serve the salmon-made patty with spicy chili mayo, or if you are not into spicy flavor, sweet mayonnaise will do. Make sure to cook the salmon burger patty well on the grill. It is up to you if you are comfortable using the traditional grill or electric grill.

Mexican Burger Specials For Your Family

If you have never been to Mexico, then serving a Mexican cuisine-inspired burger to the household would like a memorable trip. Use the known seasonings from Texan or Mexican grocery store to do the trick. You can choose from pepper jack or pepper jack cheese to add the special Mexican flavor. It is up to you if you want your burger patties served grilled or broiled, or maybe pan-grilled. You can visit my favorite website on angel numbers to guide you in making this very special burger recipe.

Combine All Your Favorites With A Burrito Burger!

Aside from burgers, burrito has also become a favorite snack among the American households. If you want to try something fun, you can fuse the elements of burger and burrito together to create a really irresistable meal for the family. What you can do is add taco or burrito seasoning flavors while making the burger mixture. To make a legitimate burrito twist to your burger recipe, you should add the known burrito toppings along with the patties and buns. You can choose from salsa, pepper jack cheese, refried beans, and mayo for this extraordinary fusion experience. For sure, you won’t have a problem with food spoilage as your household will leave no leftovers behind.