Definition of Smart Lock

Because of technological advancement, our lives are easier. Not only technology provides convenience when it comes to communicating with our loved ones, office workers, and friends, it only adds up security even while we are at home through the development of smart locks and smart lock with camera (available in some countries). Decades ago, only our mobile phones offer added security such as passwords through digits and face recognition.

A smart door lock system is a type of security system usually installed at high building and offices to ensures extra safety and security. Nowadays, since people are more cautious of security, they do not mind their money even though this kind of lock system is expensive.

For those who are not familiar with smart door lock. It is called smart because you no longer need to bring keys with you to open the door. You just need to have your face recognized by the door. For the owner of the house, he/she needs an application for this gain full control on the house and to know which is breaking and entering the house. Also, it is up to you where you want to set up the smart lock. You can put in on the main door or even the kitchen door.

How Does a Smart Lock Work? 

It is not surprising to find out that consumers prioritize their as their most important concern. According to a study, 99% stated that security at least “somewhat important” and 90% as “very important” in almost any kind of decision.

Things to Consider Before Adding a Smart Lock to Your Home Security System 

  1. Door Compatibility-Smart locks are developed primarily to make sure that you can easily do lock and unlock even without going to the house.
  2. How do you want to unlock your door?-Most automatic door locks serve as deadbolts.

Benefits of Having A Smart Lock 

  1. Add extra convenience– developer of smart locks have seen the common problem of keys as a way to lock and unlock doors, and that is the frequency of keys being misplaced or stolen.
  2. Improved security– just .like mobile phones, smart locks provide unique access pin so you can control and know people entering your home.
  3. Increased Connectivity– Incorporating automatic locks to your house system can add up connectivity among your devices