Filtration is generally the process of separation of solid masses within a suspension in liquid form. Basically, this is done through the use of porous medium, screening substances like filter cloth, which is helpful in keeping the solids and permits the passage of liquids. And, generally, the filtration process involves various fields of applications.

Filtro Prensa Field of Application

The major industry in which the process of filtration is basically utilized is the food, drink, and milk industry. This also includes food safety and its importance. It is generally used to achieve the following functions:

  • clarification of liquid products through the removal of small quantities of solid matters. Examples of such functions can be seen over the wine processing, beer oils, and syrups.
  • Separation of liquid from a relative amount of solid matter where the entire goal is to achieve a filtrate. Fruit juices and beer production are where it is usually utilized.

Different Filtration Methods and Equipment

Below are the various methods and tools use within the process of filtration:

Plate and frame filtro prensa

Generally, this contains plates and frames arranged in an alternate manner which is supported by a couple of rails. The empty frame is taken out from the plate via the use of filter cloth. Moreover, the filter works under the pressure rate of about 250 to 800 kPa. 

Usually, the filtro prensa operates on a batch-per-batch basis. The average cycle time varies on the resistance of the filter cake and the time it takes to disorganize the press. Basically, this is just reliable equipment and very easy to maintain. Moreover, the process is commonly used in the production of apple cider juice and the refining process of edible oils.

Membrane filtro prensa is a specialized form of the plate and frame filtro prensa in which the membrane is mounted on the plate.

Leaf filter

Leaf filters were actually developed to cater bigger capacity units. It generally contains mesh “leaves” in which the filter medium is coated and supported through an empty frame. In either a horizontal or vertical manner, the leaves can be stored.

Vacuum filtration

Through a continuous operation, the vacuum filters are normally present. There are two types of vacuum filters commonly used within the industry. They are the rotary drum filter and the rotary disc filter.